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ARIA SOUNDSCAPES 1.0.7 - Released August 21, 2017

ARIA SOUNDSCAPES 1.0.7 - Released August 21, 2017
Unity3D Asset Aria Soundscapes
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Hi everyone, first... it's awesome and an honor to work with so many of you with your games sound design which also improves Aria Soundscapes for everyone else. Seriously, the feedback I get from those who I have helped craft custom sound for their game and even those who send the occasional feedback have helped me set the vision for future additions to Aria. That may sound a bit overboard but going from writers block to where I am now is like giving 20/20 vision to the blind and deaf; then giving them the power to see, feel, hear and connect with all living organic spirits in the universe while also providing the means to understand how they are all connected. The feedback provided, good and bad, allows me to see your vision and then sculpt the sound you use to give your games a voice. Thank you for letting me be a part of this with you.

The August update for Aria Soundscapes was originally released August 10th. Since then I experienced what I consider the closest to death I hope I manage to achieve for many years. Pulling through it required a lot of strength of my own where no others could aid me and enduring what felt like the weight of the world. Common places were unknown to me and the war raging in me caused a lot of collateral damage that I have just began to repair. Out of this.... a new audio track was added to the August update for Aria Soundscapes and is now live in the Unity 3D Asset Store in version 1.0.7. A sample of the new additions can be heard now on

Below are the details of the August update to Aria Soundscapes - Click here for the Unity Asset Store listing


  • 6 new spell effects
  • 7 background audio tracks with six loops (Time, My Crayons, Zion, Angel Dust, Fight Club, ESP)
  • 3 new spell effect sounds with four variations
  • 2 new songs with six loops
  • Time. Full song and four loops
  • Galactic Nuclei. Full song and two loops


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